Справедливость способствует развитию и процветанию государства, несправедливость разрушает его.


This is the most important information on the Internet that will change all of humanity!

Every person should know this, especially in Russia.


Communism is inevitable because it gives people and the state tenfold superiority over capitalism in economic, scientific, spiritual and creative development, thanks to the capabilities of millions of people who will have free hands and intelligence for creativity and creation. Communism ensures the survival of the state and therefore will be built in the next 10-15 years. Here comes to the fore the task of informing people that Communism is not a figment of a sick imagination, but the real structure of society providing people and the state enormous, fantastic opportunities!

Modern, real Communism is structured as follows, it is Socialism plus a communist financial system. Just as all ingenious! We are changing the financial system a bit, and dozens of problems over which the parliaments and governments of all countries have been fighting for decades simply cease to exist! These are problems related to the lack of funding (pension, social, educational, construction, health care and other problems).

We must overcome the stereotypes that the financial system is unchanged! All the woes on the planet are from the capitalist financial system, which provides a blatant, unfair distribution of the material benefits of the state. Forcing billions of people to eke out a miserable, half-starved existence. The eternal pursuit of money makes people become swindlers, gangsters, thieves, embezzlers, bribe takers, extortionists, drug dealers, terrorists. The paradox is that billions of people living on the planet do not notice that the cause is the capitalist financial system. If we change the capitalist financial system, the world will be completely different. In the new communist financial system, money is not lent, but for the development of the state. People and enterprises instead of money and interest return various structures, inventions, discoveries, and various products to the state. According to Marx, this is a change in the function of money, which gives unlimited opportunities for people to realize themselves in life and the maximum possible development of the state.

The idea moves the world and development! A country will stagnate (1-4% of GDP growth within the margin of error and wait 5-10 years) if there is no fundamental idea and development strategy. A return to Socialism will not produce a result (capitalist financial system) if there is no orientation towards Communism.

The theorists of communism wrote — for the emergence of Communism must mature material and technical basis. This material and technical basis has now matured (2017), and all the conditions have been created for the creation of Communism.

A hundred and fifty years ago the basic ideas of Communism were formed.
I will name some, it:
1. Public ownership.
2. Lack of money.
3. From each according to ability, to each according to need.
4. The emergence of Communism immediately all over the world.
5. The dying off of the state.
6. The dictatorship of the proletariat.
7. Lack of social inequality.
8. The right of all citizens to the means of production.

9. Creating a new person.

I see that people are fixating on some utopian ideas (lack of money, the death of the state, the emergence of Communism all over the world at once, the creation of a new person) and this prevents them from understanding what real Communism is and how to complete its creation.

Without accounting and control, it is impossible not only Communism, but also Capitalism, Feudalism, and any other organization of people. The smallest enterprise is impossible without an accountant who keeps records. In a communist state, money performs this necessary and essential accounting function. Money in the communist financial system gives people unprecedented opportunities to realize themselves, give a powerful impetus to the development of the state and the development of the financial system.The people who ruled the Soviet Union did not have a definitive theory of building Communism (the project) and Communism was not built, despite the fact that Marx’s theory was 100% implemented by Lenin and Stalin (the removal of property from the capitalists of crooks, the merger of banks, the alienation of land in favor of the state ).

Modern Communism is based on public property both according to Marx and Lenin. This allows citizens, enterprises and organizations to participate in the development of the state at the expense of state money, that is, free of charge.

Money for Communism is very important! They allow us to estimate the cost of goods and provide the market with a fair exchange. Money is an incentive to work, “if you want to be full and dressed, earn.” Tales about self-consciousness — this is complete bullshit. Nature, the environment dictates man and all living things. If the official has the conditions to steal money, he will steal, and no self-consciousness will help here, we observe this throughout the development of mankind where there is a capitalist financial system. Even the fear of punishment and prison does not stop the officials, the pride of the nation, the elite from crimes. If a person is full, dressed, has a house, he doesn’t need any work. Even a bird stops flying if it doesn’t need to fly, and self-awareness has nothing to do with it. Money unites people and allows them to be included in the system. For example, if a person buys something, it means that he is alive, if he buys a lot of alcohol, he can be helped by limiting the purchase of alcohol with the help of computer technology that tracks the movement of goods and money. In Communism, the lion’s share of state management with the help of computer technology and much more falls on money. Money makes it possible to dock with the world of capitalism.

In Communism, money returns to its original meaning, it is a means of accounting and control! I will give you three pearl beads, or three shells, or three coins, or three pieces of paper for your earthenware jug. This is nothing more than the accounting of the energy expended by the master for the production of a jug. How can accounting tools be in short supply? Madhouse of modern reality.
The lack of money in modern capitalism reduces the level of development of the state at times! This is the main reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union (Socialism) — the capitalist financial system, which:

1. Has corrupted and demoralized (stolen and free money, permissiveness, lack of control, arbitrariness, privileges) top of the administrative apparatus and the party.

2. Ensured an acute shortage of money for the development of the state. Socialism is aimed at social support of the population, so the capitalist financial system, aimed at siphoning off money, at a profit by any means, does not work well in Socialism, and now it works worse and worse in Capitalism.

3. Not allowed people to participate in the development of the state and the realization of their problems and goals, which led to a shortage of food and consumer goods, and marking time in the place of modern capitalist Russia.

The financial system of Communism.

In modern communism there is money, but the financial system is different. It consists of five main points. It:

  1. The division of money into public (state) and personal. Fully eliminates the conditions for the emergence of crooks, thieves, bribe takers, embezzlers, gangsters, extortionists, drug dealers, terrorists. All of them suddenly become good citizens. Overcrowded prisons will have to be dissolved, because there will be no conditions for theft and banditry, and there is no point in keeping people in prisons. The state punishes criminals, and who will punish the state for creating conditions for crimes? The state can not be punished, it can be changed. Which we will do together. Communism does not cure the diseases of the state, as they tried to do for millennia, chasing after criminals, Communism eliminates the causes of the emergence of diseases.Public money is used for the development of the state and at the same time the spiritual, creative and intellectual development of man.
    Since public money goes to the development of the state, they are used by all enterprises and citizens who need it in unlimited quantities without loans and interest.
    Personal money is used for the carnal development of man (Food, clothing, household appliances and goods and everything in the apartment). So live 95% of the world’s population. Personal money a person must earn, realizing their potential, their needs.
  2.  Unlimited Emission. The bank prints digital money at the moment when a person or an enterprise buys goods for the development of the state and press the “buy” button. Information enters the bank, and the bank prints the right amount of money on the fly. Allows the greatest possible development of the state. Every person or enterprise has free access to money, and therefore to the means of production. In other words, the more the bank prints money for the development of the state to everyone, the more intensively the state will develop. The state is also exempt from taxes and a stabilization fund. It makes no sense to collect taxes, if the bank directly finances the development of the state?
  3. The movement of money in one direction. After purchasing goods or services, money is debited from the account of the buyer or the state and disappears. Disappearing money does not overwhelm the financial system with money supply, which gives the stability of the financial system and allows the bank to print digital money to all who need money for the development of the state.
  4. Digital form of money. Allows you to implement the communist financial system.
  5. The financial system of communism takes into account not only the movement of money, but also the movement of goods (the name and quantity of goods). This will put the management and control of enterprises on the shoulders of the state’s computing technology.

For more details on how modern Communism works, and the financial system of Communism, see the page on the features of modern Communism.

The financial system of Communism is designed in such a way that there are no conditions for the appearance of cheating, theft, bribery, and terrorism characteristic of the capitalist system.

Communism’s digital dual-circuit financial system impedes the spread of drugs and heals society overnight. Drug addicts will be forced to leave the country or stop taking drugs. All financial transactions in Communism are only through a bank. For example, a grandmother sells apples from her garden on the side of the road. Citizens pay with their grandmother bank cards. Money is deducted from their personal accounts and disappears. The bank records how many kilograms of apples the grandmother has sold, and credits some money to her personal account, like any other farmer. All enterprises and organizations will work on the same principle. For example, an enterprise manufactured and sold pipes. The bank records the number of pipes sold and charges wages. All this makes the program. We see that there is no sense in selling drugs, since no one will pay you super profits, and most importantly, a person will have tremendous opportunities to realize himself in another matter. And it’s probably easier for a grandmother to sell apples in bulk to the nearest store.

The communist financial system will focus on scientifically based standards. To get a good salary, a person or company must produce a certain quantity and quality of products. If the staff of the enterprise has increased, and the number of products sold remains the same, the average salary will be less. The staff of governing structures will also work according to the norms. For example, for 10 thousand inhabitants there should be 200 administration people with a certain salary. An increase in the staff of the administration leads to a decrease in the average wage. If new management structures are being created, it will be necessary to disband the old ones. Here there is a moment of self-regulation and makes impossible the constant growth of management structures.

Interesting fact. Attempts to introduce a dual-use financial system were undertaken during the reign of Stalin. The system was not operational. In it non-cash money by various frauds could be transferred to cash, and ordinary citizens could not use non-cash money. A unique opportunity to build Communism was missed under Stalin.

The financial system of communism is such that there will never be a shortage of money — the maximum development of the state, and there will never be extra money — the stability of the financial system.

In modern Communism, all subjects of the state (citizens, enterprises, organizations) will have an unlimited limit of money for the development of the state, and solutions to their problems. They will build 10 times more than under Capitalism for the reason that there is enough money for everyone and always (another financial system). All citizens of the state will receive unsurpassed freedom of self-realization, which was not at all in Socialism and has little presence in Capitalism and the maximum possible social services. This means that any free education will be available for children, citizens will receive any free medical care regardless of their position, pensioners will receive a decent retirement benefit that does not require any allowances or benefits. The possibilities of the Communist country are equal to those of the ten countries of Capitalism.

The financial system of communism is designed in such a way that the oligarchs in it become superfluous, because any structure, any enterprise, and even an individual person has the capabilities of an oligarch. Moreover, oligarchs sometimes have no free money, sometimes they don’t have the right amount of money, and in Communism the bank will print any amount of digital money you need to develop a state depending on whether you are building a private house or farm, shop or village a pharmacy, workshop, railway or bridge, airport, laboratory, plant or 10 aircraft carriers. Russia still does not have 10 aircraft carriers, very expensive. For Communism, build 10 aircraft carriers, plus 200-300 deck-mounted aircraft, a trifling matter.

In modern Communism there will be practically no prisons. What crimes will remain?
1. Domestic crime due to disagreements mostly drunk.
2. On the basis of jealousy.
3. On the basis of hostility.
4. Rape of women, child abuse.
5. Parasitism, opportunism. This is an order of magnitude less than under Capitalism!

In modern Communism, there is no party like under Socialism, which interferes in the government, replacing the governing bodies and representing an extra, highly paid structure, creating obstacles to the development of the state out of ignorance and for the sake of self-interest.

In modern Communism, most management positions will be elective. Collectives will choose their managers for the operational management of the enterprise for a certain period (4-5 years). This is the essence of national self-government! Strategic, long-term tasks will be solved by collective voting. The position of director is transferred within 3-5 months (maybe less) under the supervision and training of the former director. Responsibility of the director to the team who elected him, and not someone from above. If the director is appointed from above, then the mafia structure turns out (“I appointed you to a free position where you could work, but you could not work, but you raked in full money, and God ordered you to steal, you owe me the coffin of life”) all cover each other. The position of director and president does not require qualifications. Here the level of consciousness that is acquired by the school of life, that is, the number of difficulties overcome, is important. School life gives depth perception of the world and allows you to make the right decisions. We must be able to give birth to ideas, set a goal and pursue it, support the ideas of subordinates, and, most importantly, be a pusher (to know which way to push, in which direction to develop the company and products) and to drive (otherwise the subordinates will do anything they want work). Since few people meet these criteria, there is no point in paying big money to managers. Mostly people as director, president are able to take a chair, make a smart look, and rake in money. This is clearly seen in the presidential post. All the presidents selected for this position cope with their duties, and athletes and artists, and the military, and relatives of former presidents, and all those who are not lazy. And no matter who the president, lawyer or electrician is, this does not really affect the development of the state. The development of the state is more affected by the mechanism of the state. In this case, the replacement mechanism of the financial system. You can compare with the aircraft in which the screw engine was replaced by a jet, and the pilot remained of a mediocre level due to the small sample. With the post of governor, director of the enterprise, mayor, everything is the same, only a little bit simpler, because the economy is smaller.

In modern Communism, the antagonism between the owner of the enterprise (director) and the workers will disappear, since the director will receive less workers because of less work. This is true, and implements the communist idea of ​​social equality. The team will be united by one goal — the production of a quality product. In Capitalism, the main thing is the head of the company, so “I want something, and I roll back. I assign myself the salary I want. ”In Communism, the main thing is the proletariat, the production works under their control and management. The proletariat receives the greatest salary for the harmfulness and necessity of its labor.

In modern Communism, the slogan «From each according to ability, to each according to need» is not relevant. Misty slogan. Why put it at the base of Communism? If nothing forces a person to work, then he needs only one thing — to have fun. It means drinking, eating, copulating, enhancing the pleasure of chemicals. And the more a person satisfies needs, the more sophisticated they become, up to perversions.For example, satisfying the need for food a person becomes a glutton, in sex, becomes a pedophile or homosexual. So in everything. Only restrictions do not allow a person to leave the coils. Where do pedophiles come from? In children’s institutions, where there are less restrictions. Man is born to survive, that is, to fight and suffer. There will be no struggle and suffering that the work gives, there will be no harmony and development, there will be boredom or a hangover, no matter how much you seek pleasure, degradation, gradual decomposition.

Engels wrote to the question whether the communist revolution can occur in any one country? «Not. Large-scale industry, by the fact that it created the world market, has so interconnected all the peoples of the globe, especially the civilized peoples, that each of them depends on what happens to the other. ” This is fundamentally wrong! Communism will appear in one country according to the law of nature, which says “Everything begins with a little”. The longer Communism will be in one country, the further the country will move along the path of development, ahead of other countries. Other countries, seeing a hopeless lag, will be forced to move to Communism. Therefore, no one in Communism for the ears do not need to drag!

The state, by definition, is: a territory, people living in a given territory and their cultural heritage — everything that is created and built by people, including the management system, the political system: identifying the state’s top priorities and solving them (in oligarchic structures and the ruling elite), the system of power: suppression, violence for lawbreakers, the defense system, the health care system, education, the social system, all other definitions of the state. What does the death of the state mean? What will die off? There is a hint. When a formation is changed, some of the laws that served the exploiting class always die, and Marx in this case confused some laws and the state. The role of the state in Communism will strengthen and grow. In all textbooks, the State is defined as “a territory, people living in a given territory and administration”. It is not accurate. Need to fix.

Another talk about the abolition of power. Not a single enterprise, and especially a state, is managed by a collective farm, because it is inefficient. Power is the operational management body of an enterprise or a state. The concept of power is incorrect. It is necessary to speak not power, but a governing body with elements of power (justice, police). It is important! The people choose not the authorities, the people choose the ruler and delegate to him the operational management of the state with elements of power, that is, violence against people who do not respect and violate the law.

In modern Communism there will be no intermediaries reducing the effectiveness of the development of the state:

Pension funds that consume a large part of the budget are not needed.
Tax collection, in which a significant part of the money is stolen, goes to misuse, to the maintenance of the structure of the tax authorities are not needed.
Insurance structures that use a significant part of the money for their content are not needed. The shop burned down, the director uses the state money in the right amount and recovers the lost.
Leasing companies are not needed.

Communism will destroy the rotten ideals of the ruling elite and the very top. These are the people who are in power and consume a significant part of the budget that is not commensurate with their contribution to the development of the state. It seems to them that they are the «salt of the earth», but the «salt of the earth» is the proletariat, the lowest link. They are those who catch rogues, write programs, grow food, extract minerals, give birth to ideas, create inventions, treat people, reveal patterns, produce clothes and furniture, care for the sick, teach children and many others. V. I. Lenin understood this very well when he spoke about the elite and the intelligentsia. Since this ruling elite consumes a significant part of the budget and lives in comfortable conditions, they have lost their guiding lines and distorted ideals. A poor person always knows what he needs, he has a specific goal and the right guide. For example, a sick person knows that he needs recovery. He has a noble goal and the right guide. Homeless knows he needs housing. He sets a goal and tries to achieve it. A person who has everything loses this goal and begins to invent it. Their activity is directed not to serving people, but to serving their invented goals, false ideals (to buy a fifth or tenth apartment, the 15th car) and selfish interests, using their official position. For this reason, we do not see the special development of the state.

In modern Communism there will be hourly and piecework wages. At the moment — this is the most fair attitude to people and their work. Any work in the state is necessary for people, honorable and respected, especially the work of the proletariat — the lowest link, who works the most, does the most necessary work for the state and people, and delves into “shit”. The proletariat will receive a little more than others and will become a respected, intellectual part of society and the object of hunt for girls.

In modern Communism, profitability is not the dominant factor. This will make possible tens of thousands of projects that are not profitable, but very necessary for people. For example, solar energy is not profitable, hydrogen fuel is not profitable. In Communism they will build solar power stations in the desert, where there is a lot of solar energy. Electricity will allow seawater to be decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen, and produce hydrogen fuel. Along the way, they will purify seawater, and where the water is there is life. Coastal desert lands will be developed, which will allow the growth and development of cities in the desert. Unprofitability will breathe new turbulent life into dying cities and settlements. Will give a wider development of science and medicine. In Russia, empty lands, the northern territories will be mastered at a tremendous pace. Well, let profitability further bind people’s hands, sow unemployment, slowly destroy Capitalism and become its grave.In modern Communism, the boundaries between town and country, between mental and physical labor, are blurred.

In modern Communism there will be no problems with the lack of housing. She is not there now, but someone has several apartments, and someone has none. In Communism in each city there will be an excess of housing of 10% and people will be free to move from one city to another.

In modern Communism there will be very few judges and lawyers. There will be no property problems, sharing, problems with inheritance, problems with salaries, consumer problems, theft problems. In antiquity, they said, “This state is bad, in which there are many judges and lawyers”.

In modern Communism, real freedom of speech, since there will be no one to interfere in the work of the media, and distort the truth. Freedom of speech is not permissiveness, therefore, control at the legislative level will be oriented towards the middle ground. You can not teach people to suicide, the production of drugs and their use, the production of weapons and explosives, perversion. Everything else can and should be told.

In the Communist state there will be no problems of dependence on the world of capitalism, since there will be plenty of your money, nobody will waste their resources there. Squandering resources would be a criminal offense! The state will have its own face and will not be the henchman of capitalism, as is happening now with Russia. He has his face who does not bend his knees and does not turn off the path, and no matter how difficult it is to achieve the set Great goal.

In the Communist state there will be no pension problems, construction problems, including: 1. housing, 2. road, 3. grand, 4. scientific, 5. military, education problems, stabilization fund problems, health problems, tax collection problems, problems of financial crises and much more.

In modern Communism there will be an innovation of Stalin’s rule — correctional camps. They will be different from the Stalinist camps, but the essence will remain the same. I will explain. The first time in Communism will be an acute shortage of labor, because they will build ten times more. People sentenced to correction: alcohol abusers, parasites, rowdy, will be sent to the correction of important construction sites. They will not be infringed upon in anything except state supervision. They will have the same food and shelter as all citizens. Man is so constituted and not only man. He needs an incentive, he needs a stick. For animals, hunger is a stimulus, for a person, state supervision (fear of punishment). There will be hundreds of thousands of people who will like this style of life «from a stick.» Freedom is not always good when there are many temptations. People will be attracted by different construction projects, different impressions, a youth environment and a ban on an unhealthy wrong lifestyle.

In modern Communism there will be no dilemmas: either money or moral principles. This will greatly enhance the moral and moral state of society.

A communist country with a large territory will have enormous attractiveness because of the diversity of its natural resources. Countries with a small territory will be forced to buy resources, but a communist country that has resources will not be interested in selling them, since their money is in excess. Small countries have one opportunity — to join the big country.

Modern Communism does not need aggressive advertising. The media will not soar people brains, and disfigure the nervous system, and people will not feel like a flock of sheep, which you can scoff as you please.

Why is there so much potential and power in development in Communism? In Capitalism, the consciousness and energy of people are directed day and night to extract money by any means, up to and including theft, theft, extortion, cutting the budget, bribery, terrorism, banditry, etc.In Communism, this problem does not exist, use as much public money as you can master, and the consciousness of people, their energy, will be directed towards creativity, creation, discoveries, and inventions.

The more people find out that the project of Communism exists, the faster Communism will be built. The current task is the dissemination of information about real Communism. There will be people to organize in a single fist and vote for Communism in the elections. Masses dictate terms! Nothing will stand before the masses (the dictatorship of the proletariat). By the way, the dictatorship of the proletariat is not to govern the state, but to control the management of the state or enterprise. If the people (the proletariat) do not like the ruler and his rule, he overthrows the ruler and sets up a new one. This is the dictatorship of the proletariat and control control.

Finally, I want to appeal to the citizens of Russia. Do not believe that a good uncle will come and make your life better. In capitalism, there can be no good rulers, in principle, because powerful groups and the dark side of big money put enormous pressure on the president. Employees in the government and the Duma who receive twenty to forty times more than you, and work less than you, have neither shame nor conscience. You naive people hope that they will take care of you. They live better than you will live in Communism, because at the present time they can afford everything, undeservedly getting a huge salary taken from your pockets (taxes). All their work is reduced to beautiful slogans and empty promises that the people should live better, and the country still stands, and will stand still. For them, Communism is deadly, because in Communism these parasites will get what they deserve, that is, less workers. We have already passed. Alexander Ulyanov wanted to remove the bad king and choose a good one, but Lenin said “we will go some other way.” This means you have to choose not people, people are the same at all times, you must choose a management system in which a person cannot sell his soul for money, and will have to work for the good of himself, his country and people.

It hurts me to realize that another country will take advantage of Communism’s magic wand, and Russia, which has gone 80% of the way of building Communism, will be in the ass once again because of the imbeciles of the upside and personal enrichment and enrichment of their buddies and relatives.