Справедливость способствует развитию и процветанию государства, несправедливость разрушает его.


This is the most important information on the Internet that will change all of humanity! This is the only possible way for the development of civilization. Everyone should know this, especially in Russia


1. Definition of Communism.

2. Why Communism is still not built.

3. The inevitability of Communism

4. The outdated financial model of Capitalism.

5. The financial system of Communism.

6. The inefficiency of Capitalism.

7. The harm caused by the capitalist financial system.

8. The idea is the main tool for the development of mankind.

9. Analysis of the historical ideas of Communism.

10. The role of money in Communism.

11. The reason for the collapse of Socialism.

12. Features of Communism.

Communism is the idea of a more harmonious economic and social structure of the state, where equality and justice prevail.

In the twenty-first century, the idea of communism took real shape.

Definition of Communism

Communism is Socialism plus the communist financial system.

In such Communism, there is no exploitation of people, no capital and capitalists, there is relative equality of people in wages, equality before the law, equality in consumption, education, medical care, freedom of self-realization, freedom of creativity, creation, and much more. And it’s enough to say that Communism is a theoretical social and economic system. Theory is what is confirmed by practice. Communism was not built, has no practical knowledge, and therefore has nothing to do with theory. Why Communism is still not built.

Communism is written about on many websites and in books. Everywhere they explain what it is. But if you ask the question, » How to build Communism?». You will not find the answer anywhere, because no one has ever known, including Marx and Engels, and does not know what Communism is. Instead of the Communism you want to know about, they impose it on you:

Age-old, immature ideas of Communism, bordering on fantasy. For example. a) What does the death of the state mean? The state is the basis of the organization of people. States were created only because people wanted to make their lives better. It happened like this. In the beginning, people lived in packs like monkeys. Then villages like the Indians of South America. When they mastered agriculture, they began to build villages. Then there were cities, because people wanted to live better (protection, proximity of various industries, more opportunities, justice, etc.). And finally, there were states for the same reason. Then a man appeared, and abolished the state. Why didn’t you cancel the towns or villages? This is part of the state and also the basis of the organization of people at a lower level. Didn’t want to be petty? The death of the state is nonsense, on the basis of which no Communism can be built, nothing more. But people take it seriously and think that the state will eventually die out and Communism will come. People, like ants, did not build their own anthill (state) for centuries, so that it would then die off. And one more weighty argument. If the state did not make people’s lives better, the population would not grow. b) What does the lack of money mean? Nothing is easier than canceling money. They issued a decree and canceled it. At the same time, will Communism come or not? Answer. There will be a complete collapse and collapse of the state. So the lack of money is a fantasy. No structure, no enterprise is possible without accounting, especially the state. Money is an amazing means of accounting, which is constantly being improved and will soon completely go into the world of digital technology.
They impose the history of Communism, that is, information about attempts to build Communism based on immature ideas of Communism. About the mistakes made in this process: about the repression, the arbitrariness of officials and party leaders, about the famine, about totalitarianism, about the lack of goods and food, about the ideology that restricts people’s development, which has nothing to do with Communism.
The saying of the classics, not always true.
Empty chatter.

Narrow-minded people confuse the inevitable mistakes of a society that is being built for the first time, which is not entirely clear, with vague guidelines, excesses, distortions, generally not there, with Communism. The mistakes made in the construction of Communism cannot be considered Communism. The whole point is that the world has not yet had the idea of real Communism and the way to build it. Otherwise, it would have been built long ago!

Communism is inevitable because it gives people and the state tenfold superiority over capitalism in economic, scientific, spiritual and creative development, thanks to the opportunities of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of enterprises that will have free hands and intelligence for creativity and creation. This is a more flexible society, with the ability to quickly adapt to the changing conditions of modern life. Communism ensures the survival of the state and therefore will be built in the next 10-15 years. Here, the task of informing people that Communism is not a figment of a sick imagination, and not the horror stories of suckers who are not able to adequately assess historical events, but the real structure of the state, which is based on a new economic model that provides people and the state with huge, fantastic opportunities, comes to the fore! Communism is not what Marx and Engels wrote about more than 150 years ago. It was impossible to foresee at that time what would happen now, what results and progress humanity would achieve. Communism is not only the features that the classics wrote about, it is, first of all, the structure of the state. What we will call Communism is very similar to the dreams and features that the classics outlined and designated, and to the just and harmonious society that people have dreamed of since ancient times. Undoubtedly, modern Communism is the result of the efforts of all previous generations of thinking people: theorists, philosophers, practitioners.

The country that first builds Communism will be the engine of all humanity. Everyone will look at the achievements and successes of Communism with open mouths, some with envy, some with respect, some with admiration. The inevitability of Communism. I just want to make a reservation. I didn’t create Communism. It came, as Karl Marx predicted, to replace Capitalism as a result of the development of mankind. What was it like? Marx put forward the idea of public property. Lenin realized this idea and built Socialism. Then the Americans realized the idea of the Internet and brought humanity closer to communism. Then the idea of digital money was implemented. My contribution, based on the Internet and digital money, I changed, improved the capitalist financial system that allows you to steal from your citizens and the blatant injustice in the distribution of the state’s wealth. The combination of Socialism and the new financial system gives a society much more powerful in its development and very, very similar to Communism. The outdated financial model of Capitalism.

Just like everything brilliant! We are changing and improving the capitalist financial system, and dozens of problems that parliaments and governments of all countries have been struggling with for decades simply cease to exist! These are problems related to a lack of funding: pension, social, educational, construction, defense, healthcare and other problems. Has anyone ever asked themselves simple questions?

Why should money for the development of the state and assistance to citizens be constantly lacking?
Why do ordinary citizens not have the opportunity for full self-realization? Just started to create any company, took money from the bank, invested, and you were slammed and crushed.
Why a citizen to participate in the development of the state must first rob the same citizens, to get money from them.
Why do citizens, various enterprises, local governments, and the government not have a full opportunity to participate in the development of the state (there is no money)?

If you realize that money has long lost its value. They are not gold or even silver. They have only a means of accounting left, which cannot be in short supply. You will look at the reality around you with completely different eyes. Money is just cut paper, some rules of the game. And currently, not even paper, but a record in the server’s memory. When money was gold and silver, it really could not be enough for the development of the state and good deeds. When money became paper, then why should the state have paper or records on the server not be enough for the development of the state, for helping sick children, and various funds, individual citizens should beg for money from the citizens of the state. What a shame for the state if it is not able to take care of its citizens. Great economists and Nobel laureates in economics will answer this simple question. Why is there not enough paper for the development of the state? I think they will all be talking nonsense within the framework of a long-outdated and outdated capitalist financial system. I’ll answer it myself. The capitalist financial system creates rules that cannot be changed. For example. If you increase the production of money for the development of the state, that is, the issue, the money begins to devalue and the financial system begins to fall apart. Here we see firsthand the primitiveness and imperfection of the capitalist financial system, which requires printing money for the functioning and development of the state, and, at the same time, the inability to print money in the amount necessary for the full development of the state. If you change the capitalist financial system, then the new financial system will have different rules and other opportunities, and paper (money) for the development of the state and good deeds will be enough for everyone in excess. Over the past 100 years, there have been so many popular uprisings, demonstrations, and demonstrations in the world with the hope of changing the world for the better. The people are trying to change the presidents, and it is necessary, just for everything, to change the capitalist financial system. This will give billions of people on the planet the freedom of self-realization and the world will be completely different. In the new, communist financial system, there is no surplus value and no exploitation of man by man. According to Marx, this is a change in the function of money, which gives unlimited opportunities, unlimited freedom for people to realize themselves in the future. According to Marx, this is a change in the function of money, which gives unlimited opportunities, unlimited freedom for people to realize themselves in life and the maximum possible development of the state.


The financial system of Communism.

In modern Communism, there is money, but the financial system is different (two-circuit), and the money is no longer the same. It consists of five main points. This:

1. The division of money into public and private.

What does public money mean? This means that money, as well as public property, belongs free of charge to all citizens in the state, and every person, every enterprise in the state uses as much public money as they need for the development of the state.

Public money is used for the development of the state and at the same time for the spiritual, creative and intellectual development of a person.
Since public money goes to the development of the state, this is all that is not in the apartment, it is used by all enterprises and citizens who need it, in unlimited quantities without loans and interest.

Personal money is used for the carnal development of a person. This is food, clothing, household appliances and goods and everything that is in the apartment. And, also, a car, a boat. This is how 95% of the world’s population lives. A person should earn personal money by realizing their potential, their needs.

The free use of public money and property owned by all citizens create a commune-hence Communism.
The free use of public money gives the maximum possible turnover of products, and this means the maximum possible economic development of the state.
The free use of public money gives the maximum possible development of science, as well as the freedom of creativity and creation of all citizens in the state.
The free use of public money is the limitless possibilities of the state and such a state will kick the ass of any other state in any sense, whatever you have in mind.

The division of money into public and private completely eliminates the conditions for the appearance of crooks, thieves, grafters, embezzlers, corrupt officials, bandits, extortionists, criminal groups, state mafia, drug distributors, terrorists. All of them become good citizens overnight. Overcrowded prisons will have to be dissolved, because there will be no conditions for theft and banditry, and there is no point in keeping people in prison. The state punishes criminals, and who will punish the state for creating conditions for crimes? The state cannot be punished, it can be changed. That’s what we’ll do together. Modern Communism does not cure the diseases of the state, as it has tried to do for thousands of years, chasing criminals, crooks and thieves. Communism eliminates the causes of disease.

An example in Capitalism. People need a bridge over the river. They apply to the local authorities. The authorities answer, » There is no money.» The money came from the center, but it was stolen. A piece of paper for the report was written, 10-20% of the money was sold, the rest was put in your pocket. 20-30 years have passed, and there is still no bridge. Housing, roads, all the same. Another option. The river is big, you need a big bridge and a lot of money. The administration does not have such an amount. In Communism, there is an infinite amount of public money for the development of the state and it is impossible to steal it, since it is printed for specific products. There is a turnover of products that gives development to the state, and money disappears. Therefore, in 20-30 years, Communism will build a bridge, roads, houses, and everything that people need, and even more!

Another example of Capitalism is taken from the media. An energy company supplies electricity. People pay for the electricity supplied, and the money goes not to the enterprise, but to the pocket of an individual or a clan of crooks. In Communism, this is impossible, because the money paid for electricity disappears, and it is impossible to appropriate it.

In Communism, it will be very difficult to steal anything. For example. The person has no money on the bank card, and he will try to steal the sausage in the store. He will be sold sausage on loan to the state. When the debt accumulates to a certain amount, the person automatically becomes a violator of the law, and goes to the construction site to work off the debt to the state.

2. Unlimited emission. The bank prints digital public money at the moment when a person or company buys a product for the development of the state and presses the » buy » button. The purchase process is the same as currently using bank cards. The only difference is that in Capitalism, money is debited from the contribution of the owner of the money, who got this money by stealing from the workers, and in Communism, public money for the development of the state is printed by the bank on the fly. Therefore, in Communism, there is an infinite amount of public money, and at the same time there is no money, there is nothing to steal. The accounts of the state bank, except for the currency bank and the accounts of citizens, are always empty. This allows the maximum possible development of the state. Every person or enterprise has free access to money and, consequently, to the means of production, resources and materials. In other words, the more the bank prints money for the development of the state to everyone, the more intensively the state will develop. The state is also exempt from taxes and the stabilization fund. It is pointless to collect taxes if the bank directly and specifically (where it is most necessary, without any intermediaries who make up the budget and distribute the money) finances the development of the state and all social, construction, military, scientific, educational and health projects. The absence of taxes frees the country from stealing them. History shows that in the worst times, the theft of taxes by officials reached up to 70%.

It should be noted here that it is very difficult for a person to overcome stereotypes. How is it that the bank prints digital money in real time to everyone? Counter question. What’s so supernatural about it? Making money (issue) this is the main tool for the development of the state, which has been used at all times. Without printing money, the financial system is impossible. The only difference is that in Communism, the issue is full-fledged, that is, money for the development of the state can be printed as much as people need and indefinitely. In Capitalism, the issue is incomplete. Additionally printed money creates inflation and devaluation of money. People lose their savings, sometimes completely.

3. The movement of money in one direction. After the purchase of goods or services, the money disappears, that is, the money is used only once. Disappearing money does not overwhelm the financial system with money supply, which gives stability and stability to the financial system. Economic and financial crises are becoming impossible.

The time interval between the printing of public digital money (you can not print them, if it is technically difficult, but record what was printed), the purchase of goods for the development of the state and the disappearance of money, a thousandth of a second. A philosophical question arises. Maybe it’s not money anymore? After all, it is said that there is no money in Communism.

4. Digital form of money. Allows the implementation of a communist financial system.

How will the financial system be organized? Ordinary digital or cryptocurrency, people will decide how it will be more convenient for them. Hiding money and financial transactions is beneficial to crooks. Why is there a slow cryptocurrency in Communism, if there are no crooks and there is nothing to hide?

5. The financial system of communism takes into account not only the movement of money, but also the movement of goods (name, quantity, quality, price of goods on the market, cost of production-wages). This will make it possible to entrust the management and control of enterprises to the shoulders of the state’s computer banking equipment, to pay salaries to citizens and collectives for the products produced and sold, as well as for the work performed and sold to the customer according to estimates and standards.

For example, the company manufactured and stored pipes. The buyer on the sales site selects the necessary pipes, their number and adds them to the basket. The site issues a bill for the pipes. The buyer enters the details of their bank card. Clicks the buy button. The information is sent to the bank. The bank prints the required amount of digital money on the fly and transfers it to the buyer’s account. The money instantly goes to buy pipes and disappears. Also, the bank charges the salary for each pipe sold to the account of the pipe manufacturer. The price of the pipe and the cost of its manufacture (salary) are indicated in the marking of the pipe or on the website of the pipe manufacturer. Pay attention. The buyer bought the pipes, paid the public money (took the pipes for free-Communism). The seller did not receive this money, it disappeared. The seller’s salary is formed from the cost of manufacturing the pipes sold if it is a manufacturer or from the number of pipes sold if it is a store that does not produce pipes. In Communism, the economic laws of capitalism that allow citizens to be robbed do not work.

For more information on how modern Communism works, and the financial system of Communism, see the page features of modern Communism

The inefficiency of Capitalism.

From the point of view of Communism and the communist financial system, 90% of the tasks currently being solved in the government and the Duma of Russia are utter stupidity, and for super-large amounts of money. Madhouse! For example.

There is no need to build gas pipelines, oil pipelines and waste resources, burying billions of people’s money in the ground. Communism has a huge potential for development, thanks to the possibility of printing money in the amount necessary for the development of the state, and in just a few years the state will produce various products that do not need to be bought for foreign currency.
You do not need to raise or lower VAT and, in general, you do not need to collect taxes. There are no taxes in the communist financial system!
There is no need to make up the budget and put the most important tasks of the state in the hands of intermediaries. In Communism, no one distributes anything, stealing and plundering the budget.